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Advanced Labeling
and Packaging

First, Do No Harm. We believe that maximizing patient safety is at the core of our partnerships. With innovative labeling, packaging, and barcode scanning technology, your pharmacy can reduce the potential for medication errors while the overall cost of patient care. Increasing patient safety and reducing cost of care are not mutually-exclusive.

Benefits of
Unit Dose

Reduce Medication Errors

Our scanner-readable barcodes integrate with point-of-care medication administration systems.

Prevent Diversion

Enhance patient safety by reducing the potential for dangerous and fraudulent diversion of pharmaceutical drugs.

Make Inventory Management Easy

Utilizing unit-dose products enables pharmacies to maximize space by eliminating bulk packaging and eliminate medication waste. Coupled with our patent pending packaging technology, you will maximize every centimeter of space to reduce restocking time and cost.

Provide Tailored Dosing

Ensure that the right drug in the right dose is delivered to the right patient, every time.

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