Kesin launches first FDA-approved specialty brand

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To address healthcare’s most significant challenges, we can’t continue to work the same way we always have. Kesin emerged in the struggle to balance healthcare quality, accessibility, and costs of care.

Our solutions reinvent traditional, established therapies with the goal of addressing hurdles that may become obstacles to compliance and persistence. We innovate to impact the patient journey towards a pathway of enhanced dosing administration and patient adherence.

Our experience and targeted collaborations with healthcare stakeholders give us a unique lens to identify opportunities for addressing overlooked conditions. This unique lens affords us a vision that created the framework below.

Our framework:



Proven Leadership

Our experienced leadership team operates within an ecosystem designed to drive our specialized commercial engine to pursue one goal: prioritizing patients. With extensive pharma expertise, the Kesin team excels in discerning and discovering differentiated medicines for underserved conditions.

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Development Partnerships

The Kesin ecosystem thrives through close collaboration with our global network of trusted development partners. Over the years, we’ve nurtured these relationships with established developers, fostering strong commercial partnerships. We create innovative deal structures for marketing rights, NDAs, and product acquisitions, building a high-value portfolio for short and long-term growth.

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Model for Commercial Reinvention

We streamline go-to-market timelines through innovative commercial solutions. The Kesin portfolio, consisting of Specialty Brand and Unit-Dose Formulation products, is carefully selected to address patient adherence challenges. Our operational model expedites new product development with comprehensive commercial activities.

In-House Manufacturing Operations

Our in-house manufacturing operations are located in Oldsmar, Florida, with complete internal capabilities for warehouse and distribution activities.

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Creating Holistic Value

Partnership means engagement. We actively connect with healthcare stakeholders who influence adherence through availability and accessibility, including Payers, PBMs, Retail Network Providers, Trade Partners, GPOs, and IDNs. Our commitment to responsible contracting fosters holistic value in our collaborations across the healthcare spectrum.

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Bringing It All Together

We drive our commercial strategy to enhance healthcare by ensuring awareness, availability, and market access. Bringing novel products to the healthcare market presents many challenges. We are inspired by those facing difficulties with therapies, from curative treatments to quality-of-life care. This inspiration fuels our commitment to our efficient commercialization model, delivering new formulations faster to those in need.

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Our reinvented formulations address the shortfalls of traditional therapies, creating new options for providers and patients.