Kesin launches first FDA-approved specialty brand

Supporting a healthier world means working beyond the status quo.

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Today, far too many patients are not receiving the treatments they need due to lack of access — or because those treatments are simply too difficult to maintain.

We are Kesin — and we put patients first. By leveraging established therapies, we can deliver greater value to patients, providers, and payers by enhancing existing molecules in ways that impact access and adherence.

Our work at Kesin is driven by our core values:


New drug formulations and treatment regimens have little value if patients cannot or will not use them. We work closely with our partners to understand unmet needs in healthcare — and develop authentic and innovative ideas with the goal of adherence and accessibility.



Far too often, healthcare stakeholders are portrayed as adversaries — yet we are all working to help improve patient outcomes. We rely on our empathy and experience to foster collaborations with a variety of healthcare partners to better identify, understand, and address unmet needs in the marketplace.



Amidst the struggle to balance healthcare quality, accessibility, and costs of care, Kesin emerged. We identify overlooked needs through trusted partnerships, innovating formulations to ensure patients receive the full benefits of the treatments available.



Kesin takes a more measured approach to identifying market needs and trends to enhance value across healthcare stakeholders and providers. Our products are strategically chosen based on patient-centric research, which uncovers viability and desirability.


Our solutions enhance traditional therapies impacting the adherence obstacles within the patient journey.